Big Picture at 5 years

Claudia Becker

Seven Days has a fantastic article on the Big Picture Theater and its community focus:

Picture this: Two scientists from the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory are sitting on a red couch on a stage and talking casually about the human race’s options for a new planet when the sun inevitably becomes a red giant and swallows the Earth … in about five billion years. The roughly 100 people watching them are rapt.

“We never should have demoted Pluto,” jokes one of the scientists, Margaret Geller, and everybody laughs. Outside the theater, kids are playing in the lobby, gleefully banging on an old piano. In the nearby bar, a young couple orders chocolate cake while singles sip beers. It’s just another Thursday night at the Big Picture Theater & Café in Waitsfield.

For the full article, go here.

Picture from Seven Days.