Seven Days Daisies Poll Now Open!

Seven Days has their annual Daisies awards, which measures the best of the best in local personalities, businesses and events throughout the state of Vermont. I just filled out my ballot, and came across some fun things to vote for when it comes to nerd-categories. Here’s a couple of headings to vote geek for:

31. Best large live-music venue
32. Best small local-music hot spot
42. Best visual artist
43. Best cartoonist
44. Best art gallery
46. Best movie theater
47. Best museum
50. Best fiction writer
51. Best poet
52. Best theater company
53. Best performing arts venue
60. Best print/web journalist
62. Best meteorologist
63. Best local radio DJ (We’re rooting for Mike Luoma)
64. Best radio station
65. Best Vermont blogger (Feel free to put us down! Andrew Liptak / Geek Mountain State)
66. Best Vermont Twitter feed (Also feel free to put us down – GeekMtnState)
79. Best toy store
81. Best record store
82. Best bookstore
88. Best computer store
89. Best place to rent a movie
91. Best web developer
95. Best outdoor outfitter

There’s a lot of selections there, so have fun. Obviously, this isn’t a comprehensive list of headings, nor comprehensive of their geekiness, just what stood out for me. I look forward to seeing what the results are. Go vote here.

Photo by The Common Wanderer.