The Northfield Bookstore To Close

Sad news coming across the internet this morning: The Northfield Bookstore, located on Depot Square in Northfield, Vermont, will be closing down.

From the store’s facebook page comes this announcement:

Friends and neighbors, it’s been a good run, but I’m putting my bookstore up for sale. Please pass the word to anyone who might be interested. Buy the entire store (in rented space) – custom shelves, equipment, & almost a decade in the same location – or move it to your site…. My hope is that someone from town will take it on. About 80% of it is working very well; it might be that I’m not the person for the other 20% but someone else, with deeper connections in town, would do better.

It’s another casualty, it would seem, of the difficult environment in which to operate a bookstore, and businesses in general.

This is hard news for me to swallow: the store is right across from where I work, and I often find myself wandering over during a lunch break to look through the shelves. I didn’t always buy things there, but I’ve found a lot of books that I might not have ordinarilly have come across, and for that, I’ll always be very thankful.