National Library Week PSA

I am so happy this blog exists, not just for the interesting Vermontiana,
but because the posts thoughtfully aggregate so many free, lifelong
learning, continuing education events happening in our state. Many of the
events posted here also happen to be at public libraries. Which is fitting
because this week is National Library Week, and I am writing this also as
a librarian at Rutland Free Library.

In a time of declining and stagnant budgets, attacks on public servants,
paradigm shifts in technology and publishing, and increased usage as a
result of the Great Recession, libraries need boosters and geeks more than
ever before. Libraries are many things to different people, offering
services from the cradle to the grave, while simultaneously trying to
reshape and define what a library should or shouldn’t be to a community.
Running a building and maintaining the current level of services can be so
overwhelming that we forget how much we rely on our users.

Whether it’s a program you want to happen at the library, or some titles
you think we should buy, a service we should offer, or what direction you
want the Board to go, libraries need geeks. Without community involvement,
libraries may not be the vibrant institutions that they are, offering a
host of services free of charge, forever. We rely on your involvement to
determine what is relevant to you. So in the spirit of National Library
Week, we’re asking folks, “What do you geek?” Whatever you’re into,
whatever you’re about, the library can help.

Ed Graves
Rutland Free Library

National Library Week is April 11-16
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