Apple Removes ‘Gay Cure’ app after VT Group Starts Petition

This in from a local group called Truth Wins Out, which issued a petition for Apple to remove the app from its app store:

BURLINGTON, Vt. – Truth Wins Out and praised Apple today after the company removed a virulently anti-gay iPhone app launched by Exodus International that promoted “curing” gay people. The move came after 150,000 people signed a Truth Wins Out petition on calling on Apple to remove the app from iTunes.

“Apple made a wise and responsible decision to dump an offensive app that demonized gay and lesbian people,” said Wayne Besen, Executive Director of Truth Wins Out. “The real winners today are LGBT youth who are safer and less at risk for receiving Exodus’ malice and misinformation.”

“We’re thrilled that Apple has removed this ‘gay cure’ app from the iTunes store after more than 150,000 people signed this petition,” said Mike Jones, Editor at, the platform used by Truth Wins Out to launch the petition. “The message Apple is sending here is clear: there is no place for ‘ex-gay therapy’ on the Apple platform.”

The full press release can be found at Truth Wins Out’s website.

The petition, with well over a hundred thousand signatures, demonstrates a couple of key points that deserve to be highlighted: the first is that petitions and viral outrage do matter in instances – this is certainly a good example of where a collective voice helps to right a wrong. At the same time, it demonstrates the power of technology: the importance and influence of the app environment and market.