More Woes at Vermont Yankee

Already in the news after Entergy announced its sale, Vermont Yankee is in the news once again as the plant was shut down on Sunday night after a leak was discovered. The plant’s reactor was allowed to cool in order for repairs to be made. Plant officials made it clear that there was no threat to the public’s safety, or to the outside environment, noting the the leak occurred within a closed system.

This comes on the same day that another Entergy facility, the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant in Bucanan, NY, saw another reactor shut down after a transformer explosion. There was no fire after the incident, and firefighters turned away at the scene.

It is unclear as to the nature of the causes of both incidents, or what impact such incidents might have on the proposed sale of the nuclear power plant.

2 thoughts on “More Woes at Vermont Yankee

  1. Gee, if you were considering buying a house, and the home inspector said that the sills were rotting, or the roof needed repair, would you still buy it? Even if they lowered the price? This isn’t a little cosmetic issue. It’s a major structural problem, and normally the buyer has to put forward a plan for repair before the lendor(s) and insurance company will allow the sale to go through, unless the seller agrees to make the repairs as part of the sale agreement. And these days, there’s also the local neighborhood group to consider, the “no visible clothes lines, no junk on the lawn, keep your yard mowed” people. How come none of this applies when talking about something with the potential to blow the entire Eastern Seaboard off the map?

    • Considering also that the plant has not had a renewed liscence to continue operating, it makes their movives even more suspect – as if they’re trying to jump ship before they are saddled with an asset that will cost them a lot of money in the long term. Although to be fair, something like VT Yankee isn’t going to blow up the entire Eastern seaboard – it would cause a lot of problems in the surrounding states, but those problems would be long-term. Managed properly, nuclear power can be a good thing. Managed like it is now? Not a good thing, in my opinion.

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