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Earlier today, Republican Candidate Brian Dubie conceded the gubernatorial race to Democrat Peter Shumlin after a heated race for the office. As the current political climate has shifted in the House of Representatives and here in Vermont, it will be interesting to see how these events will shape the immediate future of the state and country.
Wired Magazine has an interesting story on how the shift from Democratic to Republican control of the House will affect committees such as the Armed Services Committee:

So say hello to likely incoming chairman Buck McKeon of California. As we reported last month, McKeon’s a big proponent of missile defense, a skeptic of the Obama administration’s plan to start withdrawing troops from Afghanistan next July, and no great fan of closing the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. One of his key allies, Virginia Republican Randy Forbes, has blasted the administration for neglect of the Navy and Air Force and general “lack of concern … for the men and women in uniform.” Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ plans to cut $100 billion in defense overhead in five years is going to get the fine-tooth-comb treatment from the committee. Expect hearings on all these issues practically as soon as Speaker-in-Waiting John Boehner gavels the next Congress into session in January.

With the election of Shumlin to the highest office in Vermont will bring his intentions to the test: His campaign for single-payer health care, the ongoing issues of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant, bringing in ‘green’ jobs to the state and looking to focus on small businesses, while he’s noted that he doesn’t “believe Vermont has any more tax capacity”.
It’s clear that there’s going to be a number of challenges to come up in the next two years as the U.S. economy is still having larger issues. At the same time, the actions taken over the next two years will be pivotal ones: the closing of Vermont Yankee will have profound implications for power in the state, while the growth of high tech and skilled jobs will likewise have an important impact in our future. Time will tell as to what will actually happen.

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