Vermont Edition talks gaming!

Tune in to Vermont Edition today at Noon and 7pm to listen to Benjamin Higgins of Quarterstaff Games and myself about gaming!  The program will also chat with the creators of Penny Press, Robert Dijkman Dulkes and Matt Golec.

Families have spent countless hours playing Monopoly, Sorry, and Chutes and Ladders. And while those games are timeless, board games and table-top games have evolved and have seen a resurgence.

Now games like Settlers of Catan, Terra Mystica, Vikings, and Betrayal at the House on the Hill are captivating game players everywhere.

We talk with Andrew Liptak, co-founder of Geek Mountain State, and Benjamin Higgins, manager of Quarterstaff Games, about the new wave of games. And we hear from Robert Dijkman Dulkes and Matt Golec, creators of Penny Press.

Amy J. Murphy’s Allies and Enemies: Fallen Nominated for the inaugural Dragon Award!

This is really cool news: Amy J. Murphy has earned a Dragon Award nomination for her debut novel Allies and Enemies! This is the award’s first year, and will be awarded on September 5th.

Murphy earned a nod in the Military Science Fiction / Fantasy category, up against authors such as Django Wexler, John Scalzi, David Weber and Marko Kloos, all major heavy-hitters in the genre.


Catch Suicide Squad early in theaters

The next installment of the DC cinematic universe, Suicide Squad, is hitting theaters this week, and you can see it tonight, a day before it’s official release date:

  • Sunset Drive-in, Colchester. 8:45pm (with Lights Out).
  • Essex Cinemas, Essex. 6:00pm(3D) and 9:00pm (3D).
  • Merrill’s Roxy Cinemas, Burlington. 6:00pm, 8:45pm.
  • Majestic 10, Williston. 7:00pm,  8:50pm.
  • Palace 9, South Burlington. 6:00pm, 8:45pm.
  • Stowe Cinema 3plex, Stowe. 6:30pm (3D), 9:10pm (2pm).
  • Paramount Theatre, Barre. 7:00pm.
  • Springfield Cinemas 3, Springfield. 6:15pm and 9:00pm.
  • Bennington Cinemas, Bennington. 7:05pm (3D), 9:35pm (2D).
  • Flagship Cinemas, Rutland. 6:45pm, 9:30pm.

Opening normally on Friday, August 5th.

  • Star Theatre, St. Johnsbury.
  • Fairlee Motel and Drive-In, Fairlee.
  • Bethel Drive-in, Bethel.
  • Latchis Theater, Brattleboro.
  • Bennington Cinemas, Bennington.
  • Middlebury Marquis, Middlebury.

The 501st helps out Make-A-Wish in Burlington

Here’s your heartwarming story for Saturday: Vermont’s Make-a-Wish foundation just granted a wish to 14-year-old Xavier Hart-Marion, who was diagnosed with cancer last year.

The foundation gifted him a gaming computer, and brought in the Green Mountain Squad of the 501st Legion’s New England Garrison  to help with the presentation.

“He thought I was coming to get a record, he had no idea,” said Xavier’s dad Martin Marion.  “It was pretty funny.”

“It’s such a great culmination of everything he’s been through and everything we’ve been through as a family,” said Nikki Krysak, Xavier’s stepmother.

MyChamplainValley has video and the complete story.

Here’s where you can see Star Trek Beyond early!

The latest rebooted Star Trek adventure has been getting some decent reviews since it premiered, and it’s jetting into theaters a bit early. Here’s where you can see it on Thursday, July 21st:

  • Essex Cinemas, Essex. 7:00pm.
  • Majestic 10, Williston. 7:00p, 9:30p.
  • Stowe Cinemas 3-plex, Stowe. 7:00pm, 9:10pm.
  • Springfield Cinemas, Springfield. 7:00pm.
  • Bijou Cineflex 4. Morrisville. 7:00pm.
  • Flagship Cinemas, Rutland. 7:05pm, 9:45pm.
  • Bennington Cinemas, Bennington. 7:00pm (3D), 8:30pm (2D), 9:30pm (3D)

Opening on Friday, July 22nd:

  • Sunset Drive-In, Colchester. (With Ghostbusters).
  • Palace 9, South Burlington.
  • Paramount Theatre, Barre.
  • Fairlee Drive-In, Fairlee.
  • Bethel Drive-In, Bethel.
  • Latchis Theatre, Brattleboro.

Margot Harrison is launching her debut novel The Killer In Me tonight!

Margot Harrison is a writer for Seven Days by day, novelist by night, and her debut book, The Killer In Me, is coming out in stores this week!

If you’re in the Burlington area, do yourself a favor and head over to the book launch at Phoenix Books in Burlington (tonight at 7pm!). This looks like it’ll be a really cool event.

Here’s what the book is about:

Seventeen-year-old Nina Barrows knows all about the Thief. She’s intimately familiar with his hunting methods: how he stalks and kills at random, how he disposes of his victims’ bodies in an abandoned mine in the deepest, most desolate part of a desert.

Now, for the first time, Nina has the chance to do something about the serial killer that no one else knows exists. With the help of her former best friend, Warren, she tracks the Thief two thousand miles, to his home turf—the deserts of New Mexico.

But the man she meets there seems nothing like the brutal sociopath with whom she’s had a disturbing connection her whole life. To anyone else, Dylan Shadwell is exactly what he appears to be: a young veteran committed to his girlfriend and her young daughter. As Nina spends more time with him, she begins to doubt the truth she once held as certain: Dylan Shadwell is the Thief. She even starts to wonder . . . what if there is no Thief?

We can’t wait to read this one.

Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters Early Screenings

The new Ghostbusters is hitting theaters this week! The reboot of the franchise looks like it’ll be an entertaining, despite the tears from MRA members who think that having an all-female cast is ruining culture. Whatever – it looks like it’ll be fun.

Here’s where you can see it on Thursday, July 14th:

  • Essex Cinemas, Essex. 7:00pm (3D).
  • Majestic 10, Williston. 7:00pm (2D), 9:20pm (3D).
  • Stowe Cinema 3-Plex, Stowe. 7:00pm (3D), 9:10 (2D).
  • Star Theatre, St. Johnsbury. 7:15pm (3D), 9:30pm (3D).
  • Springfield Cinemas 3, Springfield. 7:00pm.
  • Bennington Cinemas, Bennington. 7:15pm (3D), 9:35pm (2D).
  • Flagship Cinemas, Rutland. 7:00pm, 9:35pm.
  • Bujou 4, Morrisville. 7:00pm (2D & 3D).

Here’s where it’s opening normally on July 15th:

  • Sunset Drive In, Colchester. (With Central Intelligence).
  • Welden Theater, St. Albans.
  • Palace 9, South Burlington.
  • Capitol Theater, Montpelier.

Bear Pond Books Event: Mid Summer Nightmares

mid summer.jpg

Tomorrow, Bear Pond Books will be hosting four horror authors to discuss their craft! Paul Tremblay, Kristin Dearborn, Daniel Mills and Thomas Olde Heuvelt will be appearing at the store at 7:00pm on Tuesday, July 12th.

About the Authors:

If it screams, squelches, or bleeds, Kristin Dearborn has probably written about it. She revels in comments like “But you look so normal…how do you come up with that stuff?” A life-long New Englander, she aspires to the footsteps of the local masters, Messrs. King and Lovecraft. When not writing or rotting her brain with cheesy horror flicks (preferably creature features!) she can be found scaling rock cliffs. zipping around Vermont on a motorcycle, or gallivanting around the globe.

Daniel Mills is the author of the novel Revenants: A Dream of New England (Chomu Press, 2011) and of the short fiction collection The Lord Came at Twilight (Dark Renaissance Books, 2014). His work has appeared in a variety of horror journals and anthologies, including Black Static, Shadows & Tall Trees, The Grimscribe’s Puppets, The Children of Old Leech and The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror,volumes 23 and 25. He lives in Vermont.

Paul Tremblay is the author of the novels Disappearance at Devil’s Rock and A Head Full of Ghosts. His other novels include The Little Sleep, No Sleep till Wonderland, Swallowing a Donkey’s Eye, and Floating Boy and the Girl Who Couldn’t Fly (co-written with Stephen Graham Jones). His fiction and essays have appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Supernatural Noir, and numerous Year’s Best anthologies. He is the author of the short speculative fiction collections In the Mean Time and Compositions for the Young and Old and the hard-boiled/dark fantasy novella City Pier: Above and Below. He served as fiction editor of CHIZINE and as co-editor of Fantasy Magazine, and was also the co-editor the Creatures anthology (with John Langan). Paul is currently on the board of directors for the Shirley Jackson Awards as well.

Thomas Olde Heuvelt is a Dutch author of several novels, including HEX, and many stories of the fantastic. He has been called “One of Europe’s foremost talents in fantastic literature” by BBC Radio. Olde Heuvelt has been nominated for the Hugo and World Fantasy awards for his short fiction and is a multiple winner of the Paul Harland Prijs for best Dutch work of the fantastic.