Cover and plot for Daniel Mills’ Moriah


Daniel Mills just revealed the cover and synopsis for his upcoming novel Moriah, and it looks like it’s going to be a fantastic read.

Mills is a local horror author who’s written numerous short stories (and one novel), and has participated in the Vermont SF Writer’s Series events in the past.

Here’s what it’s about:

Silas Flood is a broken man in a broken country. Nine years have passed since the end of the American Civil War and Flood is helpless to escape its shadow.

In the summer of 1874, he is dispatched to the mountain village of Moriah, Vermont to investigate sensational claims of supernatural happenings. There the brothers Thaddeus and Ambrose Lynch are said to converse with spirits and summon the dead.

As Flood investigates the true nature of these phenomena he must first come to terms with his own past and with the hold it has upon him—before he can behold the mysteries of the other side.

Moriah will be available on March 14th, 2017.

Grace Potter’s NASA Collaboration: Look What We’ve Become

Grace Potter has filmed a new music for her song Look What We’ve Become, which was originally on her self-titled album from a couple of years ago.

The video celebrates the role that women have played at NASA over the years, and it’s a really entertaining, and important video to show off. I hadn’t thought about the lyrics within this context before, but they fit perfectly.

Grace Potter is promoting women in space with NASA


Vermont’s own Grace Potter is partnering up with NASA’s Johnson Space Center for a song called Look What We’ve Become, which will be highlighting the role that women have played at the agency.

Potter will be releasing a music video on September 19th.

NASA Johnson Space Center and recording star Grace Potter have collaborated on a new space-themed music video to be released Monday, September 19. The video, which was shot at Johnson, features Potter performing her song, “Look What We’ve Become” and highlights NASA women engineers, scientists and astronauts in their workplace.

According to Potter, the song has an empowerment theme with a message that you can do anything you set your mind to, no matter who tells you otherwise.

“So much of this song is about when you are coming up through any part of your life and you face challenges, there are so many different ways that that can affect you and change the course of your life,” Potter said. “I think that it creates a strength within you if you do make the choice to push onward and say, ‘I know that this might be more difficult than another path. That’s why I want to do it.”

This looks like a really incredible thing, and we can’t wait until Monday to watch. Here’s the full release.

Green Mountain Squad: Official


The 501st Legion now has a regular presence here in the state of Vermont: the Green Mountain Squad was officially approved earlier today!

From their Facebook page:

I’m proud to announce the official end of the Green Mountain Squad of the New England Garrison’s probationary status, and their incorporation as an official operational unit of the 501st Legion!

I’m exceptionally impressed by the growth I’ve seen in Vermont over the past six months. In addition to the six new members from the Squad formation (bringing their numbers to 20), they’ve gained another dozen recruits in the process of building a variety of costumes. They’ve had nearly two-dozen successful events, including a convention and minor-league ballgame, and have a very grass-roots approach to building positive relationships within the community. They’re a shining example of what can be built with a small, motivated team.

I’m eager to see what comes next for the Green Mountain Squad; Congratulations, everyone!

Erich Shafer, Commanding Officer
501st New England Garrison, proud unit of The 501st Legion

You can follow along with the group here:


New Gaming Store to Williston: Killer Rabbit Comics & Games

There’s a new geeky store coming to Williston’s Taft Corners: Killer Rabbit Comics & Games!

The store, run by Mark Stair and Jennifer Garrett, will be selling comics, board and card games, toys and other accessories. The store will is planning on having a soft opening this weekend (provided their orders come in on time), and their official opening will take place on November 5th.

You can check out their website here, and like them on Facebook.

William Shatner is coming to Rutland

The face of Star Trek is coming to Rutland in October: William Shatner will be stopping by the Paramount Theater on October 17th as part of his Shatner’s World tour.

In Shatner’s World, a one man force of nature delivers a larger than life performance complete with his laugh-out-loud humor, signature storytelling and select musical selections in his inimitable style.
Through anecdotes, songs, jokes and even some poignant moments, you will experience William Shatner ‘s phenomenal path from classically trained Shakespearean actor to cultural icon, brilliantly creating the larger-than-life and most important character he has ever played, William Shatner.

The performance will take place on October 17th at 7:30pm. Tickets are $65, $85, $95, or $105. Buy tickets here.

Kickstart This: No Honor Among Thieves

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 8.40.17 AM.png

Here’s a really interesting looking board came that’s being Kickstarted out of Burlington: No Honor Among Thieves.

Here’s what it’s about:

No Honor Among Thieves is a competitive/cooperative game for three to five (or six, with some adjustments) players in which each player assembles a crew of thieves and sets out to see who can steal the most wealth from the rich and powerful of a fantasy city. Working alone is difficult, but working together leaves you open to treachery by your so-called allies–or gives you the chance to betray them, and take it all for yourself. An unspoken code of honor exists among the thieves of this city, but that won’t last past the first betrayal, and once that uneasy trust is gone the game becomes more dangerous as players tap into abilities that they couldn’t use while the thieves’ code of honor was still intact.

The organizers are $17,520 into their $28,000 goal, with two weeks left on the clock. Check out the full campaign here

Go read A Ladies’ Guide to Collecting Mermaid Love Songs right now

Local author Aimee Picchi has a new story up on Daily Science Fiction today, and it’s well worth reading. Titled A Ladies’ Guide to Collecting Mermaid Love Songs, it was created by a prompt about fictional hobbies.

Here’s a taste:

Imagine standing on a sandy sleeve jutting into the Atlantic. In the hazy distance where the sea meets the horizon, the mermaids sing, their voices dancing like strands of silver and black seaweed in a tide pool. The fluid harmonies draw you to the water’s edge.
Read the rest of the story here.

Vermont Edition talks Space

Vermont Edition is out of this world today: they’re talking about space!

New planets, signals from deep space, Mars exploration, exploding satellites, astronauts setting records for time in space. It’s been a wild few weeks for news about our galaxy and space exploration.

So we fire up the rocket boosters and go deep into the Milky Way and beyond to discuss all the latest space news.

Retired NASA Astronaut Gerald Carr and St. Michael’s College Physics Professor John O’Meara are our guests.

Listen today at noon and at 7.

Vermont Edition talks gaming!

Tune in to Vermont Edition today at Noon and 7pm to listen to Benjamin Higgins of Quarterstaff Games and myself about gaming!  The program will also chat with the creators of Penny Press, Robert Dijkman Dulkes and Matt Golec.

Families have spent countless hours playing Monopoly, Sorry, and Chutes and Ladders. And while those games are timeless, board games and table-top games have evolved and have seen a resurgence.

Now games like Settlers of Catan, Terra Mystica, Vikings, and Betrayal at the House on the Hill are captivating game players everywhere.

We talk with Andrew Liptak, co-founder of Geek Mountain State, and Benjamin Higgins, manager of Quarterstaff Games, about the new wave of games. And we hear from Robert Dijkman Dulkes and Matt Golec, creators of Penny Press.